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Consolidated Monthly Billing

Unlike doctor alliances or franchise groups, C&E Vision is a TRUE Optical Buying Group that not only saves our members money but also saves you thousands of hours annually by consolidating each of your vendor purchases into one, easy to read statement. Why waste time reconciling multiple statements, writing numerous checks and dealing with each vendor separately each time you have a billing question. Each statement clearly shows your monthly savings, what is currently due, what invoices that have payment terms and all billings are separated by the vendor it was purchased from so you can quickly reconcile your accounts payable and get back to what truly matters, your patients.

myCloud® Data Invoice Storage

The age of paper messes is slowly coming to an end. With C&E Vision's myCloud® data invoice storage system you have access to 6 years' worth of monthly statements, vendor invoice history & purchasing information. This large back up of more than 6.4 million invoices and statements allows you to relax knowing that needed information is just a click away. Click the video image below to see how iDOCS myCloud data invoice storage service from C&E Vision can help you streamline your back office.

R U Branded - Frame Database

Need to know what colors a particular frame comes in? What styles are available for women? What available temple sizes are available for the frame your patient wants? C&E Vision's R U Branded® service is one of the optical industry's largest frame informational databases available. With over 50, 000 frame styles and specifications you can now get the information you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. R U Branded® goes even further than just frame information by allowing you to search wholesale price, gender, age group and even by manufacture to see what lines are available. Isn't it time that a patient's eyewear fit their lifestyle?

BeyeRight - Top Selling Frames

Frame boards and displays can be difficult to maintain. The average practice carries more than 500 individual products so how can you know that what you are displaying is up to date with the hottest trends? Easy, with BeyeRight® you can see the top selling frames by manufacture or by brand to give you the competitive edge with maintaining your frame selection. The BeyeRight® system shows what frames are selling by actual industry sales, not by what is new or needs to be sold so you can be confident in what you sell. Click the video image below to watch a video about how BeyeRight can help you maintain your frame displays.

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Virtual Frameboard

The Virtual Frameboard® gives you the option to expand your frame inventory virtually with a click of your mouse. With virtually unlimited inventory your patients will no longer have to settle for a frame they don't absolutely love, or worse, walk out the door to find it elsewhere. Display by brand or gender and even show the suggested retail price to show how much they will save from purchasing from you. The Virtual Frameboard® is fully customizable with either wood or metal backgrounds, your practice's name and you can even control the suggested retail price so you are always saving your patients money.

IEP Benchmark

The IEP Benchmark financial analysis tool is a web based analytical tool to help you benchmark your practice. This service allows C&E Vision members to quickly and easily analyze financial components of their practice and compare them to a typical practice of similar size. This amazing service provides a Revenue and Cost of Goods Matrix where you can increase or decrease the price of your service fees, products and the mix of your products with just a few small changes so you can see what the difference would be in your bottom line. IEP Benchmark also provides a simulated Profit and Loss statement where you can enter your own numbers, allowing you to benchmark your practice to see how your practice compares. Just enter two pieces of information and get started today! Click the video image below to watch a video about how IEP Benchmark can assist you in your practice.

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C&E Vision searches the industry for statistics, facts and trends to compile typical practices of varying sizes. IEP Benchmark tool presents the information to you in a dynamic financial simulation. Although each practice is unique in many ways, the overall statistics of an optical business tend to be similar with when just a few practice characteristics are defined. Once the prime characteristics are inputted we have been able to create this simulation that will allow you to use all this information to help you grow and manage your practice. C&E Vision can also provide assistance with this service to help maximize your results.

Get Connected®

C&E's affiliate, ECPinteract™, provides a virtual peer learning community where ECP's can share the challenges they face in growing and managing their practice with colleagues who face similar challenges. C&E Vision has partnered up with Essilor to offer their ECP University which is a powerful tool to grow the skills of your eye care practice staff. C&E Vision also provides 24 hours of Cope approved CE courses which are held in southern California. Each 8 hour seminar highlights typically 4 topics with industry renowned speakers. Click here for information about our Education & Learning offerings.

LOOK™ Exclusives

The LOOK™ program from C&E Vision gives members access to exclusive time & money saving promotions that in most cases are not available anywhere else. Each month C&E creates and promotes exciting offers to assist you in growing your bottom line by offering cash back, extended billing terms and other opportunities to assist with day to day cash flow and increasing your margins. Since all these promotions are kept in one convenient place you do not have to search paperwork and waste time looking for available offers. The LOOK™ promotions are even listed on your monthly statement and available in the LOOK™ savings email that is released twice a month. Click here to learn about C&E’s Look Program

Largest Industry Links System

With over 2000 industry links in our system this service has just about everything. Save time by accessing C&E Vision's industry links system to get a complete listing of manufactures, services providers, society listings and much more. The links system is broken up by more than a dozen categories to help you quickly find what you are looking for without having to sift through hundreds of irrelevant links through a typical search engine. Want to save even more time? Visit and use this optical only based search engine to narrow your results fast. The EyeSurf optical search engine uses the industry links system to provide quality references with the click of your mouse. Click here to access C&E’s Industry Links System.

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Ready to start billing your vendors through C&E Vision and save more time & money but worried about the headache of transferring the vendors one by one? Don't worry, C&E Vision's EyeVerify® automated verification system is here to help. Each vendor has access to C&E Vision's system to quickly verify your membership online within seconds, helping to reduce the time spent converting. But what if you want to convert a number of vendors at once to C&E Vision? Easy, with one phone call you can contact C&E Vision's Member Services Department and let us know all of the vendors you wish to bill through your C&E membership account, just provide us with your current vendor account numbers and we will do the rest. Once converted, we will notify you that the process is complete and provide any relevant information so you can continue placing orders without interruption. Click here to log into EyeVerify to verify membership.

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