Save More Money With C&E

Time is Money

The old saying is true, time is money, but how much is time worth? Unlike other optical buying groups, optometry alliances or vendor direct billing, C&E Vision helps save you time by providing services to streamline your practice. With more time to see patients your bottom line could grow by thousands of dollars a year or more. With web based practice management services from C&E Vision to help you save time, you will have time to focus on saving more money. Click here to learn about the time saving services from C&E Vision.

Time is Money

LOOK - Exclusive Promotions

The Look program from C&E Vision is an exclusive way to save more money than with any other optical buying groups, optometry alliances or vendor direct billing. Since C&E Vision handles all of your billing we are able to offer extended payment terms on your invoices, provide cash back monthly, quarterly and annually which allows you to, in most cases, double your savings by combining your LOOK™ exclusive promotions with existing vendor offers. Imagine receiving free frames and 30/60 day terms from a vendor on a stock order you placed and if you bill it through C&E Vision your terms could be extended even further plus cash back perks like American Express Gift Cards.


LOOK™ Loyalty Rebate Program

Earn up to 12% back quarterly through participating vendors. This rebate program has 3 tiers including a loyalty minimum sales and return rate goal, a growth goal based on prior years sales and a bonus rebate when you make the loyalty and growth goals for 6 months. Rebates will be deposited into your iBank™ account and you can cash out available funds at any time or a check can be sent to you annually. This program also has exclusive incentive and promotions all year long to assist in growing your sales and making your goals.

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Full Volume Vendor Discount

As a C&E Vision member you get access to the full volume discounts available from more than 200+ industry vendors. Vendor direct accounts mean you have to meet the minimums for each order, or sales period in order to receive a discount from the vendor. You might earn the discount on one large stock order but what about the other hundreds of frames you buy day to day. C&E Vision meets those minimums at all times which means we pass on the full volume discount to you without any minimums or additional requirements. Click here to see the complete vendor listing.


Extended Deferred Billing

Do you need to place a large stock order but your vendor doesn't offer the payment terms you are looking for? C&E Vision is proud to be the only optical buying group in the nation to offer a variety of deferred billing options above and beyond what a vendor may offer. Improve your cash flow by splitting up those large stock orders and pay over time.

RewardsPlus Monthly Rebate

The RewardsPlus® Membership Program offers members the ability to earn up to 5% cash back monthly based on their monthly sales. The monthly rebate program is tiered based on dollar volume so the more you bill with C&E Vision the more you save! Like all optical groups there are always fees or discount holdbacks but with C&E Vision these fees can be cut down dramatically by the earning the RewardsPlus® rebate. In some cases you can pay as little as 0% when you bill over $20k a month. Click here to learn more about the RewardsPlus® Membership Program.


Personalized Membership Solutions

C&E Vision understands that each member's practice is unique in their own way, facing different challenges and obstacles. That is why we are the only optical buying group to offer personalized membership solutions based on your purchasing habits, vendor selection & payment schedule. With this service we can lock your membership into a low monthly fee, larger rebates, defer out payments or any combination to guarantee that your monthly savings exceeds your monthly fees. One of our trained membership consultants will gather information about your purchasing habits and goals to build a custom program unique to your practice.

State Society Dues Credit Program

The Independent Eyecare Professional community matters and that is why C&E Vision helps support Independent Optometry by creating strategic partnerships with various state and local societies. Currently C&E has partnerships with the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA), New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians (NJSOP), Arizona Optometric Association (AZOA) and Maryland Optometric Association (MOA) to help those society members pay their annual state and AOA dues along with additional society support for continuing education and events.