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C&E Vision offers you a variety of learning opportunities to help you succeed in a changing marketplace. Information can be found on a variety of topics including Upselling, Frame Board Management, Virtual Filing and Medical Billing just to name a few.

C&E Vision's Ocular Symposium

For over 2 decades C&E Vision has held private Cope approved seminars in Southern California for thousands of Eye Care Professionals. These 1 day seminars are held 3 times a year and provide 8 hours of Cope Approved CE Credit on a variety of subjects. During your Continuing Education C&E Vision provides breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments to help you relax and soak up all the information our world renowned speakers have to offer. For more information on C&E Vision's Ocular Symposium click here


ECP Interact

ECPinteract is a Virtual Peer Learning Community providing OD's with access to the best minds in the eye care field - their peers. ECPinteract Engagements, our latest offering, is a unique learning platform that offers insight into how to make meaningful decisions in your practice. Each 90 minute Engagement will include a 30 minute presentation of ideas on a highly pertinent topic by an industry expert, followed by a 60 minute conversation during which you and your peers will delve further into the material and discover how to apply what you've learned to make significant and positive changes in your practice. Each Engagement is comprised of 4 - 6 sessions. After each session you will be tasked with applying your learning in your practice before the next session and reporting your progress back to the group. Engagements differ from other industry educational offerings in that there is real take away value that will not be filed away in a drawer when you return to your busy practice. Click here to learn more about ECPinteract and how it can help you and your practice.

ECP Interact

Industry News Blog

Are you keeping up on what is happening in the industry? C&E Vision offers the Industry News Blog that covers what is happening from new product releases to acquisitions and mergers. With over 2000 posts from more than 100 vendors nationwide you can keep up on the latest information all in one convenient place. Don't have time to log in and read each article? No problem! We offer a RSS feed that can be loaded into your Google, Yahoo, Outlook account and will alert you each time a new post is released.

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Dr. Cool's Corner

Everyone wants to be efficient and knowledgeable and Dr. Cool is here to help. In C&E's newsletter, "The Vision", Dr. Cool explores ways to market your practice, merchandise your frame displays, streamline your office and help grow your bottom line. The information provided comes from industry experts with more than 20 years' experience in both the optical industry and the retail industry, making sure you have the information you need to grow your practice without the high costs of professional consultants. C&E Vision even offers consultation to our members to help answer your retail questions.

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Dr. Cool's Corner

International Vision EXPO & Conference

C&E Vision and International Vision Expo have teamed up to help you learn more. C&E Vision members receive a 10% discount on all continuing education courses at both Vision Expo East in New York and Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. Click here to learn more about Vision Expo and the CE courses offered.

Vision Expo Vision Expo